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Many years with many sketchbooks and scrapbooks full of hidden nonsense and past momentos. Those from the dead, those from the living.  Those from the earth, those from the sky.  From my mind and from the mind of others. Inspiration and exploration.

1999 - Sun Sketchbook

Kept for collage, pen and ink sketches, and clippings... the first time I kept it together.

2002 - Little Black Book

Ink and Ideas -- Most of which happened while working at a bookstore, standing behind a counter, waiting for customers.

2003 - Composition

Switched over to ballpoint pen.  In and out of the hospital and sometimes that was all you could find.  This one was easy to carry.

2003 - Graph Paper

Short, pieced together, bits of random doodles and daily journaling.

2008 - Moleskine SKetchBook

The year I discovered Moleskine and watercolor pencils... began to try out all the different varieties thereafter.

2008 - Pocket Moleskine

This was going to be a gallery of horror hosts.  I'll add to it again someday, because the love of horror never dies and neither do they.

2008 - Watercolor Moleskine


Mostly filled with watersoluble crayon and doodles... forever doodles.

2009 - 2014
Moleskine Planners


Switched almost exclusively to Moleskine planners and kept my ideas and thoughts much more loose, much more private.

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