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Miniature Paintings on Canvas

Miniature Painting Sets

Symbols of transformation, life and death, the souls of our ancestors visiting this haunted house in many shapes and sizes.


The life cycle of a rare brain-eating amoeba, lurking in warm bodies of fresh water, and then sometimes warm bodies like you.

Binary fission in the single-celled amoeba, the reproductive cycle of asexual organisms that can create their own company.

"We are all made of star-stuff." and the visible constellations around us can be a geographical map towards the homes of our past and a possible future.


Winged Reptiles

Deep beneath the earth, the bones of many winged reptiles remain in unrest. Their energy, the spirits of dragons, haunt this place along with many other beloved, ancient creatures, waiting to rise and be heard.


Amulets like lodestones in the shape of sacred beings, leading us towards our destiny and protecting us from those who'll do us harm.  Supernatural in nature.

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